Nakamura lab. develops new material creating or conserving energy by using ultrahigh density Si-based nanodots.

Research Topics

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Research Topics

(1) Ubiquitous thermoelectric nanoarchitectures on Si

・Epitaxial connected Si nanodot structures

to reduce thermal conductivity down to amorphous limit

Typical paper: Nano energy 12, 845-851 (2015)

・Ge nanodots/Si structures

to control electrical and phonon transport indentically.

・Silicide nanostructures/Si

For large enhancement of power factor

(2) Ubiquitous piezoelectric oxide nanostructures on Si

(3) Ubiquitous ReRAM oxide nanostructures on Si

Research Strategy

# Ubiquitous, non-toxic, cost-effective nanoarchitectures based on Si substrate.

# Advanced energy-harvesting and energy-saving nanomaterials with novel concepts.


Research Policies

We tackle all research steps by ourselves to design, fabricate, and devise novel nanoarchitecture leading future industry.